Volunteer Opportunities in Israel 2017

  • Volunteers:
    Minimum two weeks, maximum three months (no visa required)volunteer (Small)
    Visit with translators, housing available
    Openings for 2017
  • Translators: Russian, German, Hebrew, French translators for 2017  No minimum, maximum one year (visa required)
  • Administration:  Are you good with people of different cultures?  We are looking for volunteers to help with Beit Shalom in Israel and assisting with our Volunteer Program. 

Contact us to learn the requirements- depending on your available length of time- and to schedule your arrival in Israel.

AHI application required for all positions.

Opportunities are also available for teams!  Come to Israel and assist Holocaust Survivors together!

Email: hope@ahi-il.org
Phone: USA 717-557-5775; Israel +972-54-8100-441

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