Visiting My Survivors in Israel

by Joan Ranck

I anticipated my trip to Israel for 2 years.  First it was delayed for my daughter’s wedding in 2014.  In 2015 my father became ill and my mother and sisters and I were caring for him. As it came time to commit to the trip I didn’t know what to do… what if he would pass away while I was in Israel? I knew he would want me to go because my parents visited Israel several times themselves and were very interested in the country and end time prophecy.  Finally, I had peace and made my decision to go.  Six weeks before I was to leave on my trip comforting old person (Small)to Israel, my father passed away.

Our group of six arrived in Akko February 27, 2016 and we spent the next 6 days visiting Survivors.  We did cleaning and repair projects for them.

Meeting my Survivors, Boris and Alla, whom I adopted and have written to for three years was very special.  I truly felt blessed to meet them.  I gave them a book about my family and myself, so they would have picture to remind them of me.

I appreciate all that Abundant Hope does for the survivors; the visits, flowers and gifts on special occasions, help with projects, assistance with appointments and paper work.

After our time in Akko we were picked up by our Jewish tour guide and spent the next six days touring Israel.  For most of the nights we stayed at Christ Church Guest House, located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

We traveled from Tiberius and Haifa in the North, to the Dead Sea and En Gedi in the South.  Our touring made the Bible come alive, and were inspiring to keep living for HaShem and doing the work he has called me to do here on earth.  I felt so blessed by my trip to Israel and wish everyone could visit there to experience where those of Bible history and Rabbi Yeshua and his disciples walked and lived.

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