Remembering Each One

Visiting Survivors in Israel includes laughter and tears, giving assistance where needed and all the time becoming closer to them. When the end of their life comes, even when they are ill or struggling with the aging process, we can often be caught offguard.  It is a shock when they are gone and we miss them.

David Bramgeev (Small)David has been a sweet man and many have enjoyed his company. He lost his wife several years ago and has been sad but still able to bring us a smile.  He was frail but so happy to receive a hug and loved visitors. Abraham and David Bramgeev with visitors (Small)

Semion was one who had a special place for us.  His death has left a hole in our hearts and we are saddened by the loss to his wife.  Raisa and Semion always had big smiles and hearty



laughs when we came.  It was always interesting as they spoke at the same time, for a long time, and it was difficult to speak to two at once!  But it did not matter.  They were sweet together and Klozman Semeon Raisa2 (Small)married for 70 years before Semion’s death.

Now Raisa is lonely and rarely smiles.  we will miss Semion and the two of them together.

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