Vacation Expectations and Reality

In mid February I took a short vacation.  Something I had not done before.  Not a family time but instead just me at a bed & breakfast, by myself.  Me and my computer.  Let’s say my time away was interesting

You see there was a purpose to this.  I am working on my next book featuring Holocaust Survivors personal accounts.  So, I went to relax and write.

First five days were great.  Working through my outline, editing Survivor information, preparing some sections, researching online…

Then my computer quit.  Yup.  Dead as the proverbial doornail.

I am sure your first thought now was for me to go to the closest computer store, right?  Or start writing it longhand.  I have tried that and it makes me crazy.  I can’t keep up with my thought process.

But you see, I thought of this possibility.  I actually took along an iPad as a back up.  Smart, right?   Well, that would be true but it locked on me and would not open.  Tried calling a friend and she spoke to Apple; we tried to connect but there was another issue.

Phone reception was really minimal.  I bet I had more dropped calls in my time there than the last 10 years worldwide.  When I talked to people in my room I was plastered to the window.  When I went outside I stayed in one spot, yelling at the dropped line “But I didn’t move!”

You see, I was staying at a B&B far out from anything. I deliberately was at a place “out there” with no access to anything, where it would be QUIET.  Wonderful place, great people and the most incredible breakfasts…

But I was there without any personal transportation.  I quickly found out there was no OTHER transportation to be found anywhere either.  No stores, no WalMart, Best Buy; except an old country store named Bo-Lynn’s run by Miss Joy.  At 92 years that woman has amazing energy!  I visited her every day and enjoyed speaking with her.

So, I went for a walk and asked God (okay, I admit I started to complain to God) and you know what his answer was?  Clear as anything I heard…

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Really?  Are you kidding me?   Such a simple thing to hear; almost too simple.  Okay.  Got it.

So, I turned around and went back to my room.  I lay on my bed and prayed.  Then I slept, woke up and prayed, slept some more.   By now it was noon.

“Hey God!  I was still all morning.  Now what?”

I went for another walk and prayed.  I returned to the B&B and prayed and slept some more.  I used paper and pencil to take notes on what I felt God was saying to me.

Next day: Repeat.  And the day after and the one after that.  There were a few moments where I met some incredible people who, funny enough, were interested in going to Israel.  They also went on Amazon to buy my book.

Even in our “stillness” our Heavenly Father  gives gifts.

Did you know the longer you are still the more you can hear from God?  It was the stillness and rest that I needed.  I did not need a working vacation so much as I needed to be quiet and allow HaShem to give me rest.

By the time I left I had some answers to other questions; questions for which I would need to find answers, and more book ideas and clarity on others.  My time was a blessing.

Soon enough I was back in Akko.  Back to the busyness, sadness and blessing of our work with the Holocaust Survivors.  Mix in volunteers coming and going, the daily life of cars needing repairs, office work, shopping, eating & sleeping…

I even came back to dental surgery last week and today.  Living in Israel my  dentist speaks some English.  You know,  words like “open” and “close” and when something goes wrong I discovered he knows how to say “Jesus!” and look to heaven.  Very encouraging!


In the midst of my busy life, returning to the many tasks demanding attention, I am giving myself the gift of time.  I have discovered I CAN “be still” and I can be reminded that in the stillness, in the quiet, I can “know that HE IS GOD!”

Praying each of you discover your quiet spot,


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