Beit Shalom, our house in Akko providing lodging for Volunteers, Guests and Survivor events, has been the perfect location for 6 years.  We expected to stay and purchase this house and began saving for just that.  But God had another idea… a timely surprise of magnificent proportions…

I was preparing for my speaking trip to the US.  One week before I was to leave we were given notice to be out by August 31.  I had one week to find a house before I left!

Our friend Sima helped us find places for rent and we went to see one.  A relative saw us outside and said that family was not home, but come see his house.  So, we looked at it and it was beautiful.  A large designer house; I was sure it was quite expensive.  Also it was not practical in my mind- I loved it!  but did not think it would serve a ministry.  But at their request we gave them our phone number and left.

Next day they called and asked us to see the house.  I assumed this was the one we originally went to see.  But no, the same young man met us outside and took us to his house again.  He told us the original house was already sold.  So, why were we back again?

We went through with them again, as they were excited to show it again.  Then they asked if we were interested?  I turned them down due to some features of the house I did not think would suit our needs.  They were surprised and commented we could change whatever we wanted in the house, make it to suit us.  In response I quoted a rent lower than where we had been expecting their number would be much higher.  To my shock, they took our offer!  We had a house!

A few days later I signed the contract and got on the plane to the US.  I was leaving the move in the hands of Oeds, our friend of Holland and the others.

During the next 5-6 weeks our main volunteer, Oeds, organized and carried out the entire move.  We had three others assisting: Edward, Simone and a friend.  Taking lights and fans from the ceiling, removing all the masgons (heat pumps) taking down the shed, moving all our plants (HUGE job!), boxing up the contents of our AHI office, selling what we did not need, dismantling the cabinets, closets, beds… all with me (Susan) in the states.

We stayed in contact for answers and decisions.    Our friend Sima helped with the transfer of phones, internet, taxes, water, electric and change of address.  It is a huge task to move a house the size of Beit Shalom.  The last thing to come down was our sign.  And then it was done.

Beit Shalom is now located at Shaldag 18, Akko, Israel.  Oeds received the keys and they moved us in.

Beit Shalom is established, ready for guests and volunteers and they are even now preparing for the annual Sukkot BBQ we give to the Survivors in Akko.  On September 29 this year, in a new location, we continue to honor the Survivors at Beit Shalom.




Tiger is a bit confused that he is in a different house and I (Susan) am not there.  He escaped and went looking for me.  That started a hunt for Tiger.  Eventually he showed up at the old house and they brought him back to his new home.

We see God’s hand in this entire change of residence.  Unexpected for sure!  But His guidance is straight and true.  He provided just the right people to bring it all about.  To God be all the Glory!

Come visit us!


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