Are You Aware of the Power of Prayer?

Prayer is so vital we literally cannot go forward without it.  The power that is available to us is immense.  We cannot see it but we can tap into it.

We care for Survivors enough to pray for them on a regular basis.  Do you feel that way too?

We have Holocaust Survivors who are so grateful and desperate for prayer, that when we offer to pray for them they grab our hands and their voice quavers as they join in.  They understand the power of prayer.  Are you that excited to talk to God?

If you care about them, please Join our Prayer Team!

Call 717-557-5775; email  To print the Prayer Calendars for guidance. Click below:

Note:  There have been a few updates on the July and August calendars to reflect the activities of AHI.

  Prayer Calendar July 2018     

 Prayer Calendar August 2018     

Prayer Calendar September 2018

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