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road (Small)Driving over 5000 miles in eight weeks can give one a new perspective.  Mostly whether you can stand spending all that time with your own company.

For me listening to the radio depends on finding good music, good news or good Bible teachers.

  • Music works well for traveling until you run out of station range.  Then you drive with your finger glued to the ‘search’ button.
  • Good news can depend on the day.  Some days all the bad news I hear pushes me to pray for each circumstance.  Other days I am yelling at the radio and the drivers near me steer a bit clear of the maniac blonde going postal inside her vehicle.
  • Good Bible teachers on the radio- almost 100% of the time they reach the best part of their teaching when the static takes over.  A few times I have considered taking the next exit and going back to hear the rest.  But I figure by the time I got there it would be too late anyway.  Let’s see, what was the name of that preacher again…?

When I get to those areas where NO radio signals are allowed to exist, I plug in a good music CD.  Now I get to sing my heart out along with the musicians.  Being alone in the car takes away all inhibitions I may have about my singing abilities and I can bop along to the beat all I want.  Of course, that does mean being willing to put up with truck drivers honking their horns and people grinning as you go by- no matter.  I am happy!

But then when your CD player konks out, the radio signals are elusive and texting while driving is totally out, you have to do something else for those long miles.   I had plenty of opportunities to do something else, and it was the best time of all.

I talked to God.  He and I had a lot of conversations while I was driving.  Sometimes it was simply asking Him to keep me awake.  Sometimes we discussed my future, what was next for AHI, why things that were happening in the world, were happening.  I asked Him to let me know which motel I was to stay at, what restaurant and when was scheduled for lunch and for help, please, when my credit card stopped working at the gas station.

You see, being with my own company also means being with God.  We talk all the time.  I have even been known to ask Him questions in the grocery store- out loud- and receive some strange looks.  No matter. 🙂  I get to hear the answers.

When we are given quiet, and the TV and radio are silent and people we love and know are not around, God may be giving you a hint: He would like to share some time with you.  Grab the moment.  Any time is the perfect time to speak with a loving and wise God who is just waiting.

Though I am very glad to be in one place for awhile, I have to say I love traveling with Yeshua, with God the Almighty, with the Holy Spirit who guides.  One thing I can say with certainty: Traveling with the God of the Universe is never boring! 🙂

Enjoying the changes,




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