The Resident Cat

A typical day…The Resident Cat

I open one eye to see a cat staring at me and one paw resting on my face. Time to feed the Tiger.

Having gone back to sleep, I awake feeling I am being watched. Tiger’s face is three inches from mine. I pet him until he lies down. I go back to sleep.

Tiger bites my elbow- gently, of course. TIME TO FEED THE TIGER. I get up and feed the Tiger.

I have gone back to bed for a little more sleep.

Tiger jumps on the bed and lays down. Good, sleep for a bit.

Tiger puts both paws on my face and begins to purr- loudly!

Tiger suddenly finds himself standing outside the house and the door locked.

Ahhhh. I go back to bed. J


Another day…

Korrie has arrived from the US to manage Beit Shalom. The first few nights she has her door closed tight. But this night, it is not quite latched. The Resident Cat sees his opportunity…

Tiger stealthily enters her room

The surprise attack: The best one- right on top of her head! Success, she is awake! Best of all, startled, she sweeps her arm over whatever has leaped upon her! Yes! She wants to play! Tiger bites at the swinging hand; the arm sweeps him off again. Oh what joy- she wants to play again!

Realizing she has been accosted by The Resident Cat, she feigns sleep, hoping to fool this wild animal.

Korrie realizes it is no use. He has seen through her pretense.

After she fends off a few more swipes of his paws, she makes him lie down. Content to know his attack has been successful and having used up a bit of his energy, the Tiger takes a nap.

My door is open. I wake up to see a familiar sleeping cat face on my pillow a few inches from my nose. He KNOWS this is not allowed but while I am sleeping, all rules are suspended. He wakes and places one paw on my face. I sit up and he bites my elbow.

It must be time to feed The Tiger.

A bit groggy,


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