Through the Eyes and Hearts of Volunteers

Volunteers visiting (Small)Those who come to Israel, spend time with the Survivors, touch them and give comfort… they have experiences to share with you.

We encourage you to read their words and “hear” about the Land, the culture and especially the people and how their hearts have been  affected.  Coming here they areVolunteers preparing gifts (Small) changed forever.

We have had some special volunteers here:

Del and Jean have been working with us since 2011.  Tireless, with a sense of service beyond most people anyone will meet.  Currently in Israel as House Managers at Beit
Shalom they have been active in so many areas!

Ask any volunteer and you will discover Del and Jean are well loved by many.  Busy
cleaning, repairing, visiting, driving, shopping, taking volunteers touring, leading prayer, giving Bible lessons, teaching history, cooking, caring for Tiger, visiting friends, walking and doing little extras that show they care.  We are always glad to see Del and Jean come to Israel and work with us here.

Chris and Dan are brothers.  Dan has been here before videotaping Survivors but Chris came with him this year.  While Dan was making videos to help us with making a DVD and YouTube videos, Chris was fixing everything everywhere!  He did renovations at Beit Shalom and Survivor’s homes.  The two of them were terrific!

Ayana seems to never quite run down the whole way.  She translates, goes to work, translates when she comes back.  Days off, or on, she is translating letters, for volunteers, taking Hebrew lessons, working some more and willing to take long rides to go see Survivors in other cities.  We are glad to have her with us!

Scarlett is a jewel God put in our house.  She has been shining and sparkling ever since!  Great attitude, filled with compassion, organized (oh, thank you God!), Energizer Bunny stamina, creative ideas, efficient in office work, willing to learn other languages, great sense of humor and just fun to work with.  Learning all aspects of AHI…  A true asset and great co-worker!

Walter and Martha are two staff members who also volunteer with AHI for touring and many other aspects of assisting us.  They also have contributed what Israel means to them.  In future issues you will have a chance to read more words burning in volunteer hearts from their experiences and shared to bring you a refined view of compassion for God’s People.

In this issue you will read not our words, but theirs…

Nor our explanations, but those of the people who have come…

Heart (Small)Not our heart, but the hearts of those God brought to visit the Land of Israel.

Though they came to visit the Survivors of the Shoah living in Israel, read on to find out of their experiences, but also what being in the Land of Israel meant to them.




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