Experience Israel- Like No Other Place on Earth

by Walter Kuhn

Israel is not just a place to visit it is an experience that will change your life forever! It is most important that when you travel there that you first meet and get to know the people of the land, for there is great diversity in the people from the Jewish Orthodox to Arabs and everything in between.

It is because of the many cultures that you will experience a wide variety of food.  Oh the aroma of bread baking early morning in Jerusalem! Wow!

As you travel around the country you will also get to know the diverse landscape, from the mountains to the valleys, from the lush green north to the arid deserts in the south and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea and onward south to the Gulf of Aqaba.

If you visit the places where Yeshua walked you will discover something you did not plan for: “a closer walk with Him”.  Yes, your Bible, as you will discover, will now have pictures! Your will be able to picture the Galilee, The City of David, the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, etc.

But most of ALL you will have a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!  And as you bless the people you to will be blessed!

My personal life changing experience:

I was a little nervous before going the first time but when I looked at Israel’s video cams on the internet I saw cars going to and fro on the roads. People going to and from work each day, just as we do.  This put me at ease.

When my wife and I arrived in Israel and I stepped on the ground much to my surprise I began to wept and cry, I felt like I just came home.   I did not understand this new feeling.

Walter Kuhn We visited the Holocaust Survivors and loved on them and then toured Israel while all the time falling in love with the people and the land, to say nothing of the food!

One day while on tour the guide said “those who are direct descendants of Aaron have names like Cohen, Kahn, Katz and Kuhn. Well to make a long story short I did not know I was Jewish (DNA testing confirmed this). What a BLESSING!!!

You see, what I am trying to say is:  In Israel A BLESSING is waiting for YOU!

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