They Survived the Holocaust…

This section features the true experiences of Holocaust Survivors we see and visit today.  This is to fulfill their requests,

“Remember us!  Tell others of our experiences so we are not forgotten!”


Bela has no family left.  With many medical and health problems she is also very lonely.

She was ten years old when the war broke out and was sent away to live with an aunt.  But the way was impossible and they were forced to a special camp that had no food or water for the people.

Bela was 10 – 12 years old in this camp and was like a skeleton because they did not have enough to eat.  Her job was working as a helper to a Ukrainian nurse.  She did that four years.

Her husband, when he was 15 yrs old, witnessed his father being killed right in front of him.  His father was dragged behind a car on a rough road until he was dead.  After that he had to volunteer in the Russian army.

Even after the war, times were very hard with no bread.  After squeezing sunflower seeds for oil they were given 200 grams each of the pulp for their food.

Finally they immigrated to Israel.  However, their luggage was 10 months late because of one mistake in their ID number.

Before coming to Israel Bela was an accountant for 36 years.

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