Project: Survivor Survival Packs

For those who live in Israel the threat of attack is a daily expectancy. As you can see by the chart, concerning rocket fire from Gaza, the time frame to reach a shelter is very short.

Now reverse that and make the 0, 15, 30 seconds from the northern tip like it is on the south. This makes both the northern and southern areas 0 seconds to find shelter! 

Imagine now being elderly and you cannot get to a bomb shelter.  You sit in your home and watch out the window as the rockets crash near your building.  You pray they will not come into your own home.  There is nothing you can do…

But there is something we can do together.  AHI would like to give the Survivors at risk a Survival Pack containing what they need for 72 hours of vital needs.  If they are caught in a rocket blast to their building, and are buried in the rubble, they have light, water, space blanket, their medicines, First Aid, and other necessities.  Also the Psalms in their language will be included.

This project was begun earlier and Joshua Putney, our volunteer this summer, continued the preparation which now includes a Survival Pack company from the US, an Israeli survival specialist and an IDF consultant.

We are entering the final stages of this project.  It has been awhile in coming but the Lord knows the timing that is needed. We are looking forward to the completion.

If you want to be part of this important project for the Survivors you can email Hal Lyon for questions or information.  To send a DONATION online please designate “Survival Packs”

We look forward to providing a lifeline to the Survivors, bringing them relief and hope in the face of the next conflict… You can be sure there will be another one, maybe sooner than we think…

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