The Cost of Serving Holocaust Survivors During COVID-19

If your question is, “How can I help the Survivors in Israel in a practical way?” we can give you some suggestions:

1. Provisions. The government is phenomenal in delivering meals to the elderly.  But they also need fresh fruit and vegetables, basic staples and an occasional sweet item to cheer them up.  We want to provide the additional needs.

2. Transportation. Before the virus we were the wheels that took Survivors to the doctor, hospital or errand.  We no longer have a van and must find alternate methods of transportation for them, and pay for it.

We also need another car and are saving toward that purchase.  It would help greatly to deliver their needs directly to their door.

3. Communication.  We are making many phone calls but are also sending letters and cards of encouragement. In two weeks we have sent out over 350 mailings, costing about $250.  We want to send at least 200 each week.

In addition we are paying translators to make these phone calls.  They are calling 40 hours a week at a cost of $550.  AHI is a volunteer organization.  Israeli translators are the only paid staff.

4. Donate. As you can see there is a cost to serving.

Translators – $550 week

Provision – fresh groceries/week – $40 each Survivor

Transportation – $27-$40/round trip taxi to a hospital; $9/local taxi to the clinic, bank, pharmacy

Repairman – $350/per visit

Stamps – Aproximately $150/week

Purchase a car – We will need about $11,000 to purchase a used car; so far we have almost $1000 donated.

Please ask the Lord how He wants you to help.

Donate to Survivors

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