The AHI Translator Team!

translate (Small)A new record!  November 1 to December 31, we received 94 letters and cards from Adopters to their Survivors!  Of that 94, 82 were translated and sent before the close of 2015!  Included in that number 2 letters from Survivors to their Adopters were translated and sent to them.  This is an increase of letters sent and those translated in a short time.  We have new Russian translators added to our team.

Our thanks and appreciation for ALL their hard work.  We cannot do this without them.  Of our translation team, six have joined us in the last four weeks!

Russian: Anastasia, Ayana, Elena F, Elena K, Elena V, Larissa, Liz, Philipp, Saida, Valeriya

Romanian: Ligia

Finnish: Juha, KariLanguages translation (Small)

Hebrew: Sophie, Daniel

French: Sophie, Scarlett

If you are an Adopter, please pray for each wonderful translator for volunteering their time and talent to enable you to communicate with your Survivor!  You are always welcome to send them a thank you note as well.  We will pass it on!

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