Holocaust Survivors Can Dance!

The phone rang and it was Bella from the Russian Club in Akko.  Can you come and judge the dancing?

Having done it before I readily agreed.  It is such a treat to watch Holocaust Survivors in their 80’s [and 90’s!] out there waltzing, doing the foxtrot and enjoying Dancing 6 Dec 15.JPG cropped (Small)themselves immensely!  But to choose who wins and who loses? That is the hard part.  Holding up numbers you can see their faces- like children who want to be picked as the best.

With numbers 3, 4 & 5, I could not bring myself to use a “3” at all.  I noticed the other judges used the 4 & 5 as well.

The dancers obviously were having a great time!  The couple I suspect were the oldest did not dance with energy, but their footwork was precise and they seemed content to just be dancing with one another.  Each couple had something special about them and they each seemed to excel at different types of dances.  Even so, the last music was lively, and so Dance contestants awards Dec 15 (Small)were they!  It seemed to invigorate them all and their feet were flying across the floor.  It was so hard to believe their age!

The contest ended and our score cards were tallied.  The couples stood across the front of the room, nervous looks and timid smiles.  This contest was just as important to them as Dancing With the Stars on TV!  The winners were announced and the couple who won last year retained their title!

But one thing I loved about Bella’s approach as an MC- they were all winners as far as she was concerned.  They received funny awards, small bric-a-brac and a small plastic dancing couple for the winners; and everyone received the same certificate.  Prestige for the winners, and honor where honor is due for all.

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