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Every month 12 Survivors tell their experiences of the Holocaust, taped in Israel, produced by AHI. Please read this important letter from Tamara Nersesyan, Director of TBN Russia TV-Channel in Jerusalem.

   “My name is Tamara. For the last 6 years I have lived and worked in Israel, TBN Russia logo (Small)TBN Rodnoy (Small)representing TBN Russia TV-Channel.

TBN Russia is one of the biggest TV channels, broadcasting in Russian language through 12 satellites covering 180 countries.  We have call centers in Germany, Ukraine, Israel and USA which allows us to see feedbacks from our viewers..  Daily we receive almost 10,000 contacts from different countries, and up to 15,000 during live shows on Passover and Christmas. We have a special system which provides us to see people`s needs, prayer requests, testimonies or any other of their comments.

TBN Russia has studios in several countries, and I am a Director of the TBN Russia studio in Jerusalem.   For many years God was putting in my heart people who survived the Holocaust.

 Then a few years ago I was in Sweden in a journalist conference where I met a producer from Germany. When he knew that I was from Israel he made the following statement:  “The Holocaust is the biggest lie that Jews came up with. It never happened.”

 On my way back to Israel I knew exactly what God had now challenged me to do. There are more than 200,000 Holocaust Survivors who witnessed the fascism in WWII and still people dare to say it never happened.  What will it be like in 5-10 years, when they all are gone? I understood that God wants us to fill this huge gap of ignorance in a modern society.  The biggest help we can give today to Holocaust Survivors is to keep their memories alive, to speak about it and record it for this and future generations.

I am very thankful to the TBN Russia president. Understand, the air time on TBN is verysurvivor screen shot 5 (Small) expensive, but the president of TBN Russia agreed to give this project free broadcasting. When we discussed this project he said, “We are the last generation who sees them alive. There is an obligation upon us from God to save and speak about them.”    Thanks to the AHI organization we are able to travel all over Israel and filmsurvivor screen shot 4 (Small) these important messages. For now, we are broadcasting 24 times a month on TBN Russia, on a local Russian channel in Israel RTVC and on Rodnoy Channel in USA.  We get many letters from our viewers and even from the relatives of    Holocaust Survivors. I want to share with you with one letter, translated from Russian, that we      received recently, that inspired all of us. 

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you!”



Translation from Russian:

 Hello Tamara,

Thanks a lot for your work and that you so quickly responded to me. This film is such professional work, and we wanted so much to have it in our family. Thanks for doing such a noble work, saving the witnesses of Holocaust Survivors who are still alive. Unfortunately many of them are very old and sick, and they are more and more leaving us. Me and my brother heard many times this story, but … thank you for our Mom`s eyes. 

 With respect

 Gennadiy and Yuriy Kreymer

Здравствуйте, Тамара.

Большое Вам спасибо за вашу работу и за то, что Вы так оперативно отреагировали на мою просьбу. Этот фильм все-же профессиональная съемка нашей мамы, которую просто очень хочется иметь. Спасибо Вам, также, и за то, что Вы делаете такое благородное дело, как сбор свидетельств Катастрофы у еще живущих, но уже, к сожалению, старых и больных людей, которые, к сожалению, все чаще от нас уходят. Мы с братом, конечно, всё это уже слышали и не раз, но спасибо Вам … за мамины глаза.

С уважением,

Геннадий и Юрий Креймер


Editor: This program answers the cry “Remember!”]


Will you help us continue these programs?  While the Survivors who can remember are still alive, and able to tell the world, they are desperate to have the opportunity.  We are desperate to make that happen for them.

The cost to produce these 12 TV segments is $2500/month.  Please send your donations to continue these programs to AHI with a note attached designating this project: “AHI/TBN Survivors”

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