Survival Survivor Packs

For those who live in Israel the threat of attack is a daily concern.  Just recently the IDF conducted a massive practice run for if an attack comes from Lebanon.

Not if but WHEN the next war begins it is expected to include citizen casualties.  To prepare the Survivors we want to provide for them emergency packs with everything to keep them alive, even if their building is hit and they are in rubble.

Imagine the fear of an elderly Holocaust Survivor having to see rockets coming their way once again.  They lived through the Holocaust but will this next war be their final disaster?

We need your help. Each pack will cost approximately $75. We are trying to lower the cost through donations and in-kind gifting.  Would you please consider being a part of this project… before the next rocket attack begins?

Please donate HERE and designate “Survivor Packs”  Give them the gift of life through preparedness for war.

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