It’s a Sukkot BBQ for Survivors!


Holocaust Survivors at the Sukkot 2014 BBQ

Each year we hold a BBQ for the local Survivors, right in the garden of Beit Shalom in Akko. The best way to tell you about it is directly from those who were there, those who served and with pictures they shared!

“It was a wonderful opportunity for the survivors to experience the care and love the Lord has for them. As we from Abundant Hope, who stand around them desire to be channels of this love and care of the Lord. May they have experienced the Lords care, as symbolized in the Sukkah, when the people of Israel wandered in the desert on their way to the Promised Land.  So special to spend this time with them.  Many were feeling sorry, that Susan was not around…”                   -Brecht, volunteer and translator of Holland


While Leonid played old Russian songs on the accordion, Survivors enjoyed good food and friendship.

 “Sukkot BBQ for Holocaust Survivors went very good.  We were looking forward for this day with excitement as we started to prepare.  I was very glad to see some of the familiar faces among those who came.  Also meeting with others whom I did not see before made me glad.  The meat prepared by Hagai and Sima was very delicious.  Everyone ate it all!  Our guests were busy eating and having fellowship with each other; it was good to seem them enjoying their time.  There was an accordionist musician who played famous Russian melodies.  I bet everyone loved it!  I remembered some of them and sang along.  In conclusion, the barbeque event was a success.”               –Ayana, volunteer and translator, of Khazakhstan


Sima and other volunteers prepared the meat for the BBQ.


The Sukkot BBQ was a success with 60 in attendance!

 “The barbecue event during Sukkot is a great deed. It is a true gift for elderly people.  Remembering them provides much meaning.  The organization of the event was excellent; everything was filled with warmth and respect.  Thank you very much for the wonderful evening, and for your care and attention.”

-Leonid Sobolevskii, Assistant to the First Mayor of Akko


Frida came for the BBQ. It was the first time out of her apartment for years.

Thank you to the staff that worked so hard: Yonatan, Hagai and Sima, Jan, Brecht, Ayana, Leonid (with the accordion) and other volunteers who helped!


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