Special Delivery!

Elena on bike (Small)Each day in Akko Elena is riding this new bicycle from Beit Shalom to visit Survivors.  She delivers birthday flowers, pictures we have taken, letters and cards from Adopters to their Survivors, gifts for special occasions or she goes to the post office.  The baskets allow her to go to the grocery store for Survivors who cannot get out of their house. She is one busy lady!

This mode of transportation has changed how much she can get done and gives her more   independence.  Our workload has increased and we can now double our efforts.  Our thanks to the supporters who gave so we could make this purchase!

Now we just need one more thing… more volunteers to come and ride with her to help!  Please consider coming to help visit the Survivors.  Your time frame can be one week up to three months, or a one year visa.  Fill out a volunteer application and make your arrangements.   Come join us!

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