Prayer Battle for Beit Shalom

Beit Shalom dove (Small) The Battle is the Lord’s and as His soldiers we are standing, and continuing to stand.

A few days before discussing the sale of Beit Shalom with the owner of the house I discovered a dove had come to nest right outside the door of the apartment.  In the nest are two eggs, multiplying the parents by 100%.

As the symbol of Beit Shalom has always been the dove, we felt this was a special event.  Day and night the male and female Beit Shalom dove nest (Small)doves are taking turns sitting on the nest.  Just like our Lord, who watches over us day and night.  They have been patient with our going and coming, sticking it out in order to produce the fruit of their labors.

This current location of Beit Shalom has enabled us to greatly expand our work.  We have visited many more Survivors and brought more volunteers to assist them.  Beit Shalom is vital to our continued work here.   Moving would be an interruption in the flow of work with the Survivors who know this house and come here for tea and activities.  Please read on to find out the current status with the owner and purchase details…

Meeting 10 days ago:  We met with one of the house owners and she offered a fairly reasonable price on the house, $470,000, which is consistent with the appraisal.  We made a verbal agreement to move forward on this after Susan’s return to Israel in May.

Update 5 days ago: The owner has called and changed their mind- they now want $170,000 more than the price listed above.   They have stated their appraisal report on the current value of the house has no bearing on the sale price they have quoted.

Someone had come forward and offered to help AHI with the down payment if “a reasonable price”  was requested, and they were prepared to go forward on the first sale price.  This change in price negates that possibility.

We need prayer for the hearts of the landlords to understand what AHI does, soften towards our work and be willing to ask a fair price.  Without that change we will be forced to look for another location and move in July.  It is my hope to speak with them before I leave Israel for six weeks.  Your prayers are needed.

“The king’s heart in Adonai’s hand is like streams of water-                                                     he directs it wherever he pleases.” Proverbs 21:1 CEV

Please add your voice to ours as we request this house be provided for us.  Thank you.

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