Serving the Lord

by Patrick Hodges

So, you say you want to serve God?  Congratulations!  Do you know how you are going to do that?  If you are serious, then don’t let the American Dream stop you.  “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests”  Are you able to risk that to serve the People of HaShem, the God of heaven and earth?

My name is Patrick and I am a servant of the Lord, saved by grace.  I try to serve God wherever I go or whatever I am doing.  The Jews and Israel have a special place in my heart. (Thank you Lord).  I pray everyone feels that way.  I mean, Rabbi Yeshua was a Jew, right?

Blessed are those who bless the Jews and cursed are those who curse the Jews.  (Genesis 12:3)   I am also part of the American Dream.  It is difficult to go to another part of the world and serve God.  But it is not impossible.

Take the time to serve and give of yourself.   Does your life have margins?  That is the thought that Susan put in my mind (during prayer time).  A lot of the time I am busy doing things for myself and not the Lord, but most of us are like that.

I encourage you to give of yourself to the Lord.  Don’t be afraid.  God wants you to try him.  Go ahead… try to out-give God!

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