It’s Just Us Here

Sunday morning brought a change to Beit Shalom.  Our Russian guests departed for home and our last volunteer left to visit friends before returning to South Africa.  Now it is just me and Tiger, the Resident Cat, for a few weeks.  It does not happen often, but occasionally we will find ourselves alone in this big house.

As the only remaining staff and manager, besides all the supervising and office duties, my job now is washing sheets and towels, hanging them to dry (and hurrying to take them down because of the rain!), making beds and cleaning, replenishing house supplies, watering the garden, picking our oranges to give away (plentiful harvest!)- all part of running a lodging house for volunteers and guests.

As you can see Tiger has been doing his part.  Tiger (Small)Now that everyone is gone he is working hard, testing all the different surfaces to make sure they are still comfortable for when others come to the house.

Tiger 2



Nothing will keep him from his assignments. Well, almost nothing… he does take some time out for a little physical activity to stay fit!  There is nothing better than a good “attack the play mouse” game between work sessions! Following that, time to head for the office- chair, that is…Tiger 5

Tiger 3


It is a rough life for a Resident Cat, but Tiger is up to the task.  Now, if he could just get a decent rest without being disturbed…!

Now I am at the computer, while The Resident Cat drifts off to sleep.  He must have had a rough day…

I work quietly so as not to disturb him…Tiger 4

Although he certainly looks comfortable…

Hmm, the washer does have a bit longer to go and I already got the mail.  There is no one around and it is quiet… maybe I could just lay down for a little while…

Maybe just a short “catnap”… not long, just for a few minutes… zzzzz




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