Preparing to Fly- Again!

Wow, seems like I just got to Israel and here it is time to go again!

Heading to the States to travel and speak again.  We just had the Sukkot BBQ here at Beit Shalom with Survivors- it was a terrific evening!  We provided transportation for those who wanted to come and needed it- but many of them walked to our home!


Lots and lots of good food- chicken shislik and kebabs, plenty of salads followed up with a variety of desserts.  Drawings for door prizes and gifts for all provided by ladies from Wales.

We had fantastic music which the Survivors enjoyed very much.  Accordian and violin, the violinist being 13 years old.  There was even some dancing!img_20161022_173812588-2-small-small

Big smiles and a lot of hugs and kisses.  I think they will all want to return next year!






What a privilege to serve these wonderful and precious people!

Leaving for the next trip with a full and grateful heart,


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