How God Moves!!

Having met Susan when she was in Wales we decided we would like to be volunteers at AHI. Soon after booking our tickets the Lord gave us a vision to make up Sukkot gift bags img_2975-smallto bless the Survivors! The items came in amazing ways using gifted ladies and men.  Also we received generous donations from many folk.

We had a plan… but GOD! HE prompted us to bring many things but two particular ones have been such a joy!

One was a pair of velvety slippers UK size 6 with Velcro fastenings! We visited many survivors but none were Size 6 ! Low and behold on our 5th day here we visited Dina who had swollen feet! We showed her the slippers and she took hold and promptly put one on img_3517-smallher left foot which fitted perfectly! She was beaming but we too were overjoyed at the goodness of GOD…. that HE would prompt us to bring this gift from North Wales for this particular lady in Israel …. WOW !!!

After days of visits to survivors, office work, cleaning, cooking, sewing, shopping, delivering cards/birthday flowers, a few trips to the beach and a special treat of a visit to Megiddo and the Lebanon Crossing at Rosh Hanikra, it was getting near the 11th hour and our time to leave Israel.  But we hadn’t yet found the person who was to receive the 2nd gift- a red whistling kettle that the Lord had prompted us to bring! We had carried this around with us for days up many flights of stairs and elevators….BUT GOD !!

On our 11th day we visited Valentina to deliver her invite to the Sukkot BBQ at Beit img_3715-smallShalom, but felt prompted to show her the red whistling kettle! Low and behold excitedly and with a huge smile she took the kettle saying beep beep! beep beep! It was as if she had been waiting for this red whistling kettle to arrive! The kettle had travelled safely from by the sea in North Wales and had found its home in Valentina’s apartment by the sea in Akko!

There is so much that we could both write about as this trip has touched us both very deeply by serving the Lord in this way and meeting, holding hands, hugging etc a the Survivors and staying at Beit Shalom!

We’ve missed our treat of going to the Ghetto Fighters Museum that was planned for our last morning here as the first day of Sukkot we found that everything is closed, including the trains we were hoping to get us to the airport …..Ooops!!
BUT Praise God yet again as Susan offered to drive us there!

We will pray, but are sure, HE will send us back here! If you sense the Lord prompting or clearly telling you to come and volunteer here at Beit Shalom ….then Shema – Hear Him and Do it!

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