Letters & Packages, Translations to Survivors

To date we have received 335 letters, 27 packages & 75 photos through both post and email. dvd-letters-mailing-usa-2jpg Consider translation must be done for all letters, postcards, writing for photos, notes with packages and any brochures or articles that are sent along with the letter.  This is many, many hours of translation done by volunteers in  Russian, Romanian, Hebrew, French and even Finnish to English to Russian!

Our team of available translators changes according to their daily lives and time available.  translate (Small)Usually we are up to date, receiving a letter and getting it out within a week.  For longer letters (more than a half page) it can take up to four weeks.

Tracking is maintained on a spreadsheet listing the Survivor name, Adopter name, date of postmark-smallpostmark, date received, date   processed, translator name, date to translator, date returned and date delivered– in addition to items included like photos or gifts.  When able we work to get updates to Adopters on the status of their Survivor.  On visits we make photos whenever possible and beginning very short videos.

The Adoption Program requires many volunteers, languages, dedication and is time     intensive.  We are thrilled to connect the Adopters with Survivors and see their joy when receiving a letter or a card. Please pray for us to continue to have needed help so we can be to timely and efficient with communication!

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