Let’s Talk Specifics

AHI costs in Israel

Beit Shalom rent:

We pay less rent in the new house, but this landlord would still like us to pay it!  Two ways to help; donation for the house is still tax deductible:

1. Commit to donate any portion monthly for Beit Shalom rent (due 1st of month- 7000nis / $1944)

2. Beit Shalom is for sale.  Consider purchase of Beit Shalom ($600,500).  A donation of minimum 50% is required for a mortgage to purchase that way.  Although we believe in debt free, we are open to the Lord’s leading.

3. Either way, as a donor for Beit Shalom, your name will be engraved in a brick for our garden at Beit Shalom!  We are in the process of preparing bricks for those who have already given for our housing.  More on this in the next newsletter.

Our Chrysler van has repair bills:

$8000 will replace steering, thermostat housing, repaint sun damaged areas, bumper boo-boo (high curbs), broken engine latch, emergency brake pedal and maybe the CD player (to listen to Hebrew lessons on long trips).

Answer to question asked: Why not replace the van? Current van & engine is in good condition and a newer van would be $36,000; new would be $50,000!

Staff Payments

(Notice how small our overhead is for staff!  But we need sponsors to pay our Israeli translators)

Susan Heagy, President – none, full time volunteer

Marilyn Macklin, Bookkeeper – none, part time volunteer

Nancy Kurtz, Adopt Director – none, part time volunteer

Elva Spoor, Secretary – none, part time volunteer

Board of AHI – none, volunteer

Prayer Captain- none, volunteer

Translators in Israel:

Leo – full time, $1800/month include travel expenses

Liza – part time, $300/month include travel expenses

Additional part time translation including letters to Survivors- $700/month

We need more part-time translators for letters English/Hebrew – email required.

Travel expenses for Israeli AHI board members to meeting- $100/month


Ways to donate for any of these needed expenses:

Online to www.ahi-il.org/donate/   for EGiving or PayPal


Wire a bank draft:

USA:  Wells Fargo Bank, 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA

Abundant Hope International,  Acct # 2000037731777  SWFT: WFBIUS6S


ISRAEL: Bank Hapoalim, Ben Ami 6, Akko, Israel

Abundant Hope Israel (Shayfa Tikva) #580530830  SWFT: POALIT: 228742


Send a check to:

Abundant Hope International, P.O. Box 760183, San Antonio, TX 78245

Thank you for blessing the Holocaust Survivors!


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