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AHI offers an “Adopt A Survivor Program.”  Nancy Kurtz is our Adoption Director.  Through this opportunity Survivors receive letters from whomever would like to write to them!  The Adopter (YOU!) receives the personal history of a Survivor.  You then become their new family through communication.  AHI does the translation and helps facilitate the relationship.

Each newsletter Nancy will give Adopters guidance and advice to help you write and encourage your Survivor.  At the end of this article are instructions how YOU can write to a Survivor.

Mailing Packages

Many of you like to send packages to your Survivor. This is a wonderful way of showing love and caring. We now pick up all packages for the Survivors and deliver them ourselves. This means you no longer have to try to make everything fit into a small mailer.

What kinds of things to send to your Survivor? Well, most Survivors like tea, hankies for men or women, scarves, mufflers, socks ( large and not tight at the top), hand made items like shawls or dresser scarves, etc., pens that are fat for arthritic hands, notepads, nice smelling soaps or sachets…

  • Before you mail your box be sure everything is snug inside the box.
  • Address it as shown below. The post office in Israel requires you MUST put Susan’s name first
  • After the address write “Attn: Survivor first and last name” on the box or inside the box.
  • Put your name, address and email address in the box.
  • If you have a letter or card enclosed that needs to be translated, do not seal the envelope
  • It is best not to wrap a gift as the post office is likely to open it to check the contents.  Best to include wrapping and we will do it for you.

Make sure the box is correctly addressed:

              Susan Heagy / AHI

              Shaldag 18  

              Akko 2423449 Israel

               Attn: Survivor’s first and last name

Lastly, give the box PLENTY of time to arrive;  at least 6-8 weeks before a birthday or holiday.

If you have any questions you can contact me at

Thank you for blessing a Survivor.

Nancy Kurtz


How to Adopt a Survivor:

  1. Fill out a short Adopt Application- click HERE to download
  2. Print Survivor Adoption Introduction Letter HERE
  3. Email application to or email for post directions.
  4. Nancy will process your application.  Be patient- we are all volunteers!
  5. Through prayer Nancy will assign you a Survivor waiting to receive letters.  She will send you a packet with all your instructions.

Yes, it is that easy!

Join these Adopters who now are family to Holocaust Survivors!

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