Let’s Talk Specifics!

Adopters Writing to Survivors

Those items needed by AHI that we take for granted, and the Cost:

Computer, Internet, email, post office box, printer, ink, stationary & envelopes, stamps & mailings, translator, van (inspection & maintenance), bus fare, taxi fare…

How is all this related to Writing to Survivors?

Computer – We had to replace the laptop in Israel as we just wore it out!  $400

Internet – Monthly cost is $25

Email for letters@ahi-il.org – email account connected to our website $10/month

Post Office Box in Israel – $20/year

Printer/Fax – on our third one and replacement was $400

Ink – $50/month

Printer Stationary & Envelopes – $20/month

Stamps & Mailings – $25/month

Translator – $1000/month minimum

*Van (insurance, registration, inspection & maintenance) – $700/month

Van (gasoline) – $300/month

Bus & Taxi fare for Volunteers – $50/month

*Van recently purchased by donation $10,000.  Thank you!

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