Introducing our new AHI Administrator…

woman multitasking (Small)We would like to introduce Karon Piper to all our friends and supporters.  Karon comes to us with a background in accounting and volunteer support.  She lives in Quitman, Texas where she attends Living Waters Fellowship, a church with a heart for God’s Chosen People.

Karon states her goals for AHI are to increase awareness across America and globally of the purpose and work we do and to open hearts to the fate of Survivors in Israel and around the globe.  When asked why she wanted to work with AHI Karon said,

“I’ve always had a softness and openness to learn more about the Jewish people, especially Holocaust Survivors. I want to know why God’s heart is inclined toward them and why He chose them as His People. I also want to honor all Survivors and show themFeuermann, Cipora (Small) the love of our Living God and Yeshua. God has placed a desire in my heart to take His Light to each survivor. As a part of the AHI team, even though I am here in America, a part of me travels to Israel each time Susan and all our wonderful volunteers arrive at Beit Shalom.”

Beginning September 1st, Karon can be contacted through or 717-557-5775. Please pray for her as she steps into this position.

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