Did You Know…?

…several components existed which fueled Modern AntiSemitism?  Traditionally it was based on Christian (Catholic) anti-Judaiism.

The myth of deserved punishment resulting from the rejection of Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah and accusations of ritual murder eventually devolved into what is today known as “Replacement Theology”, the belief the Christians have replaced the Jews.  Christian leaders taught and encouraged hatred and resentment, presenting an invented stereotype of the Jews at that time as a race defiler, warning German women to beware.

The actual Jewish people who lived in their cities and neighborhoods were nothing like what was said.  However, teaching the public that Jews were possessed by the Devil, and killed God, taught Judaism was the work of Satan.

“A History of the Holocaust” by Yehuda Bauer

Caricature published in “The Jew as Race Defiler: An Accusation Against Judah and a Warning to German Women and Girls” by Dr. Kurt Plischke, 1935

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