A Desperate Need…

Holocaust Survivors in Israel, average age 87 years old, need help.  Because of their age, lack of family lost in WWII, and now  Coronavirus, they are severely limited in mobility.

Here you can see a Survivor having to ride the bus with our translator.  He was moving from a temporary stay for rehabilitation back to his apartment.  Imagine, almost 87 years and climbing steps onto a bus and maintaining his balance.  This is not right.

Through AHI, we have been providing them with rides to doctor, hospital and oncology appointments; delivering medicines, birthday flowers, meals and other errands; doing repairs in their homes; transportation to burial of their loved ones and many more situations.

The van we have used for the last six years has broken down and been totaled by the insurance company.  Now they are refusing to pay us and we must go to court.  Even if we win we will not receive enough to replace the van.

AHI needs another vehicle.  After research on what is needed to accommodate elderly and handicapped seniors, with door size and height, we have determined a mid-size SUV would meet their needs, is a lower cost option and would also hold a folded wheelchair. The average price of a used SUV in Israel is $28,000.  So far we have received almost $4000, leaving us with $24,000 yet to raise. (Picture below is just for example)

Currently, and for the last three months, we have had no transportation at all.  When Survivors call we apologize and must turn them down.  We cannot give them the help they need.

Please consider how your generosity in this area changes the lives of the Holocaust Survivors.  The generation that suffered such trauma is now in their last years.  They need your help.

Please click here to DONATE  and supply the transport they need.  Instructions to safely donate are online or you can send a check. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information you can email us at hope@ahi-il.org or call 717-557-5775.

Time is running out to help the Holocaust Survivors.  Thank you for being there for them.

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