Did You Know…?

… thousands of Jews were saved by diplomats, police officers and even German soldiers, between 1938 and the end of the war in 1945?

British Passport Control Officer in Berlin, Captain Frank Foley,diplomat-frank_foley-small

and the Chinese Consul-General in Vienna, Dr. Feng diplomat-dr-feng-shan-ho-smallShan Ho gave visas to several thousand Jews to leave Germany and Austria.  On the Swiss border, a Swiss police officer, Captain Paul Gruninger, ignored the orders of his superiors and let more than 2000 Jews diplomat-swiss-smallcross into Switzerland.

Thousands more were saved by a Dutch diplomat, Jan Zwartendijk.

Japanese Consul Chiune Sugihara; diplomat-chiune-sugihara-smallPortugese diplomat, Aristides de Sousa Mendes; an American citizen head of Emergency Rescue Committee,


Jews with emergency visas arrive Shanghai







Even the diplomat of Salvador, Jose Arturo Castellanos, was very active in giving visas to save Jews.


Varian Fry, supported by the Marseilles Vice-Consul, Hiram Bingham- truly international heroes.   When forced to leave the area and run Varian continued to write visas on any piece of paper he could get and handed them out the window of his car as they fled.diplomat-varian-fry-small


What might be the most surprising, following a large massacre of Jews by the Nazis at the village of Jedwabne, Poland, a group of German soldiers arrived and were shocked at the slaughter.  They saved the lives of 18 Jews who survived, including an 8 year old boy who had dug himself out of the mass grave.

“The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust” by Martin Gilbert

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