Beit Shalom

Beit Shalom is exactly what the name says- House of Peace.  For all who come and volunteer, or guests or anyone visiting, each one finds a place of peace.  We have a pergola which is a great place to pray or for scripture study.  People who did not know each other before, and met here, often sit and discuss what the Lord is doing in their lives. Varying cultures make no difference as the Lord is the same for all.

Our rooms are set up to bless those who stay in them.  You may be in The Judah Room for prayer and fellowship, The  Loaves and Fish Kitchen or one of the bedrooms named The Sunshine Room which you can see is a cheerful place to sleep!

Beit Shalom has been home to people from around the world whether they are volunteering, touring or just visiting.   We have seen the blessing this place of lodging has been to travelers and AHI staff.  We want to continue giving others experiences being in Israel and blessing the Holocaust Survivors they meet.

Beit Shalom currently is located in northern Akko about 8-10 minute walk to the sea.  We are seeking God’s desire concerning our stay here.  We have a good problem in that we frequently run out of room.  It is our desire to give our volunteers and guests the best we can offer.  Will God keep us in this place?  Or will He move us elsewhere?  Or give us a 2nd house?

“For now we see obscurely in a mirror, but then it will be face to face.  Now I know partly; then I will know fully, just as God has fully known me.”  I Cor 13:12.

We don’t know the future but He does.  Will you please join us in prayer to follow the plans and heart of God?  He has the answers and we crave to know His Will!



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