AHI on Revelation TV!

It was a surprise and unexpected- but then that is how God often does things.

An invite for an interview on Revelation TV in UK.  The Middle East Report with Simon Barrett.  A quiet man with a strong sense of right, fighting anti-Semitism and blessing Israel.  The subject closest to his heart?  Holocaust Survivors.  I guess it was just a matter of time, then, that God would arrange for us to meet.

One hour in the studio with Simon and the amazement of technology and an interview is born!

The interview is now available on the website www.revelationtv.com under Programmes: Middle East Report or you can click here to see the AHI interview.

The original airing was on Friday and already we have emails requesting to adopt Survivors.  UK is definitely on the AHI map and we welcome them into our family!

Cheerio from the land of castles and the North Sea,


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