“AHI” is Hebrew for “My Brother”

When we chose the name of Abundant Hope International for our non-profit in the states, we were seeking to have a name that ahi-hebrew-small reflected our desire to bring “hope” to the Survivors, with   abundance!  See our verse above…

At that time we had no idea the acronym “AHI” for Abundant Hope International was the actual Hebrew word “ahi”.  So, it was with quite a surprise when I heard it being referred to here in Israel as “AHI” and not by the full name.  Then Tamara, the director of TBN Russia, commented she liked the name we chose, ahi, meaning “my brother”.

Wow!  God gave us the name in the USA and many years later in Israel He reveals a secret He knew but we did not!  A name that transcends two countries, two cultures, two languages.

Of course we consider the Survivors and the Jewish people our brothers!  Isn’t it great to know our God plans ahead for us?!








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