Adopter’s Corner

Dear adopters,

I want to thank you for all the letters that you faithfully send to your Survivors. Not sure if you are aware that Israel is in another lockdown which means Susan cannot go visit your Survivor.

Your letters are so important especially during this frightful time. Can you imagine being 80 or 90 years old and all alone? This is a terrible time, a depressing time that we live in. Your positive and uplifting letters are the sparkle in your Survivors’ lives.

No matter where you live as you grow old people pull away as if aging makes you less of a person. The Survivors, like all of us, need contact with other people. They need, as do we, love and acceptance. They are more than “the old guy or lady” living down the hall. They are humans who have lived through unspeakable circumstances.

Thank you for showing acceptance and love through your cards and letters.

Nancy Kurtz, Survivor Adoption Director

Reminder: to email your letters

Israel address to post packages, cards and letters is:

Susan Heagy, Derech ha Yam 1/66, 2451618 Israel

c/o Survivor name

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