Volunteer Opportunities with AHI in Israel!

VolunteersignSmall_133953If you want to come to Israel, volunteer and bless Holocaust Survivors, this is the place!  Contact us to discover where and when you can join AHI!

1. House Manager at Beit Shalom in Israel 2015:   July 15 through December 15, 2015; schedules of 30, 60 or 90 day shiftsBeit Shalom 1 (Custom)

2. Volunteers throughout the Year

Contact us at hope@ahi-il.org  for more information.  Volunteer times are one week up to three months duration.

3. Translators: A Vital Part of Visiting Translators


If you speak Russian and English, this is for YOU!
If you have a heart filled with compassion, the Holocaust Survivors and AHI need you.  AHI can make the proper arrangements for one month up to one year.

Beginning anytime after June 1, 2015, we can discuss your time frame and our expected needs.

  • We provide housing in Akko at Beit Shalom and travel costs to other cities for all work related to AHI.
  • Shabbat (Friday & Saturday) off; One extra day off  per month plus holidays
  • Stay 1 month minimum, 3 months maximum

Sound exciting?  If you speak Russian/English, we want to welcome you to Israel!  Contact us at hope@ahi-il.org  or call 717-5575775 in (US) or +972-54-8100-441 (Israel) to apply for this position!

Opportunities OUTSIDE (or in) of Israel

1. Needed to do translation by email  

Romanian/Englishletter stack (Small)

You can apply online by filling out a volunteer application.  Just click here to apply or call 1-717-557-5775 (USA)

2. Regional Adoption Coordinators (RAC)

New Regional Coordinators are being assigned.  For all Adopters, if you are not sure who your Coordinator is, contact Nancy Kurtz  at adopt@ahi-il.org or call her at 717-592-0859.


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