Vets of Hope

Hal Lyon visiting Zelik, Veteran and Survivor

Imagine Victors of War coming together with Victims of War. What would that look like?  What would happen?

This is what Vets of Hope is all about.  Bringing Veterans who have seen the trauma of conflict, meeting Holocaust Survivors, an amazing people that have come through their own horrors with a resiliency and forgiveness they can share.  Healing can happen with both as they come together, understanding where the other has been with a depth unlike any other.

Veterans, LEOS and First Responders alike are welcome to join Hal Lyon in this new venture.  Contact him to learn what opportunities are open to those who have experienced war, conflict and been on the front line.  We greatly desire you to come and visit the Holocaust Survivors of Israel.

Hal is Army, retired Federal Agent, experienced Iraq as a Sergeant Major and knows about conflict.  He has opened a chapter of Up Armor Warriors, New England, joining the original chapter in FL.

Recently Hal recorded a video about the Vets of Hope and a building we are pursuing for their use here in Israel.  You can listen to it here.

Hal Lyon can be reached at  Contact him to get more information of how you can join us on a once in a lifetime trip to Israel.  You will never forget your experience meeting the Survivors.

Be the Victor of War meeting the Victims of War.   Come, make a difference.

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