Vets of Hope

Commissioned for the Mobilization of Combat Veterans Worldwide to Heal and Serve.

Our Vision: We wish to build an international community of War Veterans from across the globe to assist in blessing the Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel.

Hal in the Judah room in Beit Shalom

In this month of May 2018 Veterans and LEOS (Law Enforcement Officers) are joining Hal to make the connections, learn from other Veterans such as the IDF and Israel Police, and meet the Survivors who need to be recognized, honored and healed.

Warriors L to R John, Hal, Chad and Shai

Vets of Hope Team with Zelik, a Survivor Warrior from WWII.

Already they have met an IDF veteran who is personally familiar with PTSD.


Shai is assisting others with the same difficulties.  Shai and Hal have connected well and expect to work together.  This is their first contact with many more to come while in Israel on this trip.

Standing in the studio of Bob who makes amazing art from the metal of rockets sent into Israel.




Now they are meeting Survivors to encourage them, stand with them.  It is the fulfillment of Victors of War meeting Victims of War.

Standing at the Lebanon border with an IDF paratrooper

During this trip they will be touring the Golan up to the Syrian border, Galilee, Jerusalem, Dead Sea and connecting with fellow Warriors of the IDF and police.

They will also be taking part in Caliber 3, a day of security training with IDF Warriors.  This trip is full of promise and future, allowing HaShem to open the doors He wishes Vets of Hope to go through.

Are you a Veteran and interested to stand together with others who have your experience, knowledge and vision of service?  Please bring your strength and link arms with us.

Contact Hal Lyon through our website:


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