USA Politics: What Survivors Have to Say

“I have heard good things about the new President Trump.  But we here in Israel have heard such things before.  Obama we are glad is gone, but we wonder if Trump will be any different?  We hope so.” – Nikolai, 80 year old Survivor

“All we really want is for the other nations to accept us.  We just want peace!  Why do they not understand that?  Why do people want to hurt us and kill us?  We have not done anything to them!  We just want to live in peace with no more war.” – Faina, 78 year old Survivor

“We follow the news, especially in the United States.  We are grateful President Trump understands Israel and has pledged to stand with us.  But we have trusted before and it came to nothing.  We want to believe this President Trump will put the embassy in Jerusalem and let us find our own peace.  We want that very much.” –S., 80 year old Survivor

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