Update of God’s Provision

  • Beit Shalom: It is time to sign another year rental contract. We have asked the Beit Shalom 11 (Custom)Landlady about purchasing but she is unwilling to sell at this time.  So, we stay another year and seek God’s direction!
  • We have had a steady flow of Volunteers in Israel.
  • God has provided House managers to come in with overlap (best way!) at least through the end of October:

Current July Managers: Juha and Tarja, Finland

July, Aug, Sep Managers: Michael and McKenna, USA

Sep, Oct Managers: Lars and Gitte, Denmark

  •  Translators:

For summer: Dalit and Eli

For Fall: Elena

Always a constant is our own Yonatan plus others

  • New openings:

We have been invited to assist and bless Survivors in Hadera, Tel Aviv University area and near Sea of Galilee.  Pray we follow the instruction of Adonai.

  • Garden Makeover

We have been to the plant nursery and selected some plants for our garden.  In the last year we have lost a number of plants and it is time to renew.  But more than that, the LCA team from Kentucky added a patio area and now we are bringing in color and some great new greenery.  Getting ready for the final ingredient: Survivors.  Our goal is to invite them in for tea, luncheons and to enjoy the garden.

Come join us at Beit Shalom and take part in our projects!

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