Turning The Corner

Since our beginning we have always had the vision to bring joy, honor and unconditional love to the Holocaust Survivors of Israel.  We could not know how many Survivors with whom we would be able to build relationship… but God said to do it one at a time.  So, that is exactly what we have been doing since 2004.  But there comes a time when the ratio must change.

Susan began on her own visiting 38 Survivors.  Within a year it was 55 Survivors.  Still doable for one person.

Then God upped the ante and moved us to Akko which had 650 Survivors!  Whoa, now what?  Next we received a call from Josef Slepoy, with whom we first visited Survivors.  He moved to another city, started a new association, and called asking “Can you do for our new group what you did before?”  That group was 224.

Then we were asked to consider helping two Survivor associations in two cities in the Galilee.  Combined number: 331.   A few more cities and associations asked to work with us bringing our total number to about 1500 Survivors.

Susan was still the main volunteer (yes, she is a volunteer too!) through all of this utilizing anyone coming in to give assistance.  Over the years translators, guests, volunteers from 21 different countries brought in by HaShem- amazing work done by hundreds of people with a heart for Survivors.

In the past 12 years Adonai has provided a place for us to stay, a base of operations, in the city of Akko.  But the basic need for staff, regular workers here in Israel, continued.  That is, until now…

We have turned the corner and are blessed to be working with more Israeli citizens and long term volunteers from other countries.

In addition, other organizations are inquiring how to work together.  This has been a great desire of ours; we believe in combining efforts.  The Lone Ranger approach is not healthy and not what is taught in the Scriptures.  It is unity, striving together, that brings about the plans of the Almighty God!

How has God blessed us?  Look at what God is doing:

  • Edward, Israel, is our translator, team member and helps anywhere needed.
  • Brecht, The Netherlands, has been visiting Survivors in Israel for many years
  • Igor and Eliana, Israeli citizens, are visiting and translating.
  • Oeds, The Netherlands, is giving us three months to run the program and Beit Shalom.
  • Richt, The Netherlands, does free medical pedicures for Survivors
  • Sabine, UK, is coming to help run Beit Shalom and visit Survivors.
  • Liza, Israel, is translating letters and will visit Survivors.
  • Sima, Israel, is secretary on our Israeli non-profit Shayfa Tikva Israel (Abundant Hope of Israel)
  • Hagai, Israel, handles our insurance and is advisor.
  • John and Angela, USA, visiting and translating
  • Uma, Israel, delivers birthday flowers and accompanies Survivors to doctors.
  • Tikva Rabah and Linda, all USA, are providing birthday cards in Survivor languages
  • Don and Bruce, USA, serve Survivors through eyeglass clinics, giving new glasses.
  • Dima, Israel, on our board of Shayfa Tikva 
  • Other Israeli citizens scattered around the country are helping in various ways to serve the Holocaust Survivors
  • We have inquiries for more volunteers from around the world!

It is impossible for us to list here all the many people who have been and are now helping or to put their pictures on this page.  It is truly amazing how God has provided in the past and is providing above and beyond what we can imagine.  And we know more is coming!

Turning the Corner for us is seeing an increase in hands and feet available to assist the Survivors and display to them the love of HaShem.  Do we have enough help?  NO, we do not.  There is increase but the needs are greater.

We need YOU to help.  Will you join us?  Click 1 – AHI Individual Volunteer Application – IS to fill out a Volunteer Application.

Come to Israel and see how you can change lives!

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