They Survived the Holocaust…

True experiences of Holocaust Survivors we see and visit today.  This is to fulfill their requests, “Remember us!  Tell others so we are not forgotten!”

(Caution: True accounts, as related by the Survivor, may be difficult to read)


 When Frima was about 8 years old (born in 1929) she along with her mother and two sisters were put into one of two ghettos; one of them was Magalov. After that she was in the Pichura Concentration Camp. There was no food in Magalov ghetto other than if they could find some garbage. It was so bad if they did not get something to eat they would starve.

“Thousands of people did starve in the ghetto. The only reason we did live is when some Frima and Lev Kaplun (Small)Ukrainians walked on the foot bridges built over the ghetto they would “drop” some bread of food for us. If they had been caught by the soldiers, those people would have been killed for     helping us. “Some of the Ukrainians even “left” material for us to layer over our feet and legs during the winter. We had no shoes

and nothing to stay warm. We were forced to leave our homes for the ghetto with nothing. The Moldavians took our home, belongings, everything. “After the Russians liberated us we were very careful not to let anyone know we were Jewish. “ They were very afraid of Stalin and everything that happened in the war. Frima’s husband, Lev, fought in the Ukraine during the war and was wounded. He was then captured by the Germans and placed in a POW camp.

Frima and Lev moved to Israel in 1991. Frima had a brother that moved to the US in 1937   before the war but has since died. Frima says,

                  ” I am so bored and had no idea I would live so long with nothing to do but be old.”

letter stack (Small)

More Survivors are lonely and would enjoy a letter of friendship.  Will you help?


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