They Survived the Holocaust…

This section features the true experiences of Holocaust Survivors we see and visit today.  This is to fulfill their requests,

“Remember us!  Tell others of our experiences so we are not forgotten!”

(Caution: True accounts, as related by the Survivor, may be difficult to read)



 “When I (Maya) was 4 years old the war began.  My family lived in Belarus.

“My younger sister and all our relatives were in hiding with some Gentiles who helped Maya and Matvey Knepel 2015 (Small)them.  While they were there, the Nazi’s discovered everyone and murdered all of them.  Many people hid themselves at that time but the German Nazi’s discovered them and killed them.

“I and the rest of my family escaped to Kazakhstan. My brother was injured during the war and my two sisters died.”

Maya and her husband made aliyah to Israel in 1994.

Matvey, husband of Maya, has recently been told he has one year left to live.  We were not told with what disease he suffers.*

Maya and Matvey have one son who is a doctor and a daughter who lives in Germany.  She is now in Israel visiting them.

*It is always hard for a Survivor to lose a spouse.  We will be sure to visit again and see how we can help during this time for both him and her; this includes a comfort bear to the surviving spouse.

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