The Newsletter Ladies

On any given day I could be traveling in the US, Israel or somewhere in between.  Every day I am busy on some part of the work of AHI in various places.

However, no matter where I am, once a month I prepare and edit our e-newsletter, Today’s Hope.  Every two months we send out the hard copy version to those who don’t have a computer or email.

Newsletter ladies 3-16First the file is sent to our printer in San Antonio, TX.  When that hard copy newsletter is printed every other month, a process begins.  The newsletter gets picked up at the printer.  Stamps, paper adhesive circles are purchased and the address labels are printed.

On the last Tuesday of every other month the ladies gather at Kathy’s house to fold and close the newsletters, then peel and stick labels and stamps.   A meal is prepared for the workers and they take time to eat and visit.

Elva, the leader of this Bible study group, is there as well.  All come and work together.  They have been doing this for a number of years, faithfully, year in and out.

During the evening they share their lives and assure one another of prayer for needs. They care about each other, the Survivors and AHI.  They give up an evening just to prepare this letter for mailing.

Occasionally I am in San Antonio on newsletter night and that was true this evening.  I was impressed with how quick and organized they have become, each knowing what was needed next, working like a well oiled machine.

I am extremely grateful for the dedication of these ladies.  Their willing hearts and faithfulness are an example to me of real Believers.  Truly, God is quite pleased with each of them every time they gather and help.  And I am glad, more than I can say, to have them on our AHI team.  I am grateful for God’s provision and the Ladies’ heartfelt contribution,

Thank you, Ladies.  You are the best!


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