The Fruit of Consistent Prayer

More Talented Translators!

God has been so good to us!  We desperately needed more translators to handle the volume of letters written to the Survivors.  So, how did we receive more?  We prayed!  OurGod's provision 1 (Small) AHI Prayer Warriors asked HaShem for more help!

He heard, and He answered.   Welcome Anna, Svetlana and Olga for the English/Russian translations; Daniel for Hebrew; and Adelheid for German.  We knew Adelheid ten years ago and now she suddenly called up to offer her help!  That makes a total of 12 for Russian plus all the others!  Because of this increase for the first time we were able to get updated lists translated in a few days instead of weeks and sometimes months, like in the past.   Now letters are often completed in less than a week!

Hallelujah!   We can always depend on HaShem to provide what we need.  He knows before we voice our petitions.  Thank you God!

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