TBN Russia- New Responsibilities

TBN Russia new logo (Small)With my (Susan) current visa, as a journalist for TBN Russia, this week I had the privilege to set up the filming schedule for Holocaust Survivors in Akko.  We choose which Survivors may be able to give an interview, call them for permission, assemble the list with their name, address and contact info and prepare for the cameraman.  I pick him up at the train station and drive him to each Survivor; he films about six or seven per day.

The raw footage goes to the editor where they translate it to Russian if needed, edit it down to a usable footage and then prepare it for YouTube format.  This is done for 12 Survivors Shalom TV logo (Small)each month, then aired on TBN Russia/JBS in 180 Russian speaking countries, including USA and Israel.

Recording, editing and publishing these Survivor histories is not a free service.  There is a cost of $2500/month.  AHI is producing the program “Living Stones” in partnership with TBN Russia.  But we need you to help us with the cost to do this.  It is important to keep their history alive for future generations.  At this point we have over 100 videos with their Holocaust experience.  To keep recording these Survivors, please consider becoming a monthly partner in this important service to them.  Let’s not forget them!

If you would like to help produce this TV show you can give online and designate “TV show” with your gift.    www.ahi-il.org/donate/   Thank you!


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