Survival Life Packs- Letter of Introduction

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To: One Who Supports Israel

Re: Survival Life Packs

Shalom on behalf of the Holocaust Survivors of Israel served by our organization, Abundant Hope International (AHI).  As president and founder of AHI I am pleased to share with you our concerns and goals to assist those who have suffered through and survived the Shoah.

Since 2004 we, as a Volunteer staffed organization, have been bringing assistance to the Holocaust Survivors of Israel. After formally organizing as a non-profit 501(c)3 in 2008 we began in earnest to work with the Israeli government agencies.  In 2012 we also established Shayfa Tikva, R.A., a registered amutah/charity in Israel.  To date 20 different countries are involved through volunteers, home renovations, gifting health equipment, visitation, building relationships and identification of individual needs.

Our newest project is urgently needed.  As the Survivors age their mobility decreases bringing on a dangerous situation.  In the midst of this new challenge they must deal with constant impending war.  As the sirens sound a warning to take cover from rockets, many Survivors find themselves trapped in their homes, unable to reach the shelters in time.  In the 2006 Lebanon war brother and sister Survivors of the Holocaust found themselves shut out of a shelter and sat in their apartment praying for HaShem to intervene on their behalf while watching the rockets falling around them.  An elderly house of Shoah Survivors was struck by a Kassem rocket, damaging half the house.  All miraculously survived that war… once again.

For $54 a Survival Life Pack can be provided and distributed to those Survivors caught in this terrible situation.  Containing the basics needed to sustain life for three days (water, emergency blanket, personal medicines, first aid kit, energy bars, flashlight, Prayer Book and other IDF approved essentials) each Survivor can keep this Survival Life Pack with them if and when a rocket hits their building.  If one of these dear people is caught in the resulting rubble, they would have the means to stay alive for up to three days while rescue teams look for them. Even those with a safe room will benefit from the gift of a Survival Life Pack containing three days of sustenance.

Imagine the comfort this Survival Life Pack can give those who are already too familiar with the ravages of war!

Many Survivors lost their family during the trauma of WWII.  Help us make sure they are not alone again in the next conflict.  We know you care about them and want to help.  We can tell you how.  We believe $54 for a Survival Life Pack is a small price to give a Shoah Survivor a chance at life.

AHI would like to begin with 500 Survival Life Packs to distribute free to the Survivors in the towns and cities who have already been terrified by rocket attacks.  As the rockets are coming in, they worry about imminent death.  In Israel there are approximately 198,000 Holocaust Survivors from the camps and ghettos; Israel also hosts more than twice that number of refugees from the war who also suffered terrible losses and trauma. As an ongoing project we hope to work with the Israeli government to eventually provide every Survivor in Israel an increased chance at life by owning a Survival Life Pack.

For each donor of 500 Survival Life Packs we will add their name to a whistle attached to the pack to let the rescue team know where they are located.  With your name on that whistle, the Survivors would know who it was who gave them a chance at “L’Chaim!”

Please consider partnering with Abundant Hope International as we seek to bring the Holocaust Survivors of Israel comfort and peace of mind in the uncertainty of their final days. Your tax deductible gifts will bring you the special blessing received only from helping a Survivor of the Shoah.  It is urgent- the Survivors are dying every 30 minutes.  That blessing will soon be gone.  Please help before it is too late.

Send your support for a Survival Life Pack to:

AHI, P.O. Box 760183, San Antonio, TX 78245   Please include note “Survival Life Pack”

or give online using secure eGiving at

Most sincerely,

Susan Heagy, President


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