Soup’s On!

Soup in a barrelThe one thing to expect in Israel is the unexpected. Though it is a good description of Israel in general, for us it has everything to do with allowing God to guide what we do and when it will happen.

Visitation of and assistance to Holocaust Survivors and WWII Refugees has been the focus of AHI since the beginning. It has been suggested we set up a soup kitchen but it would not be practical for us. We have given some food bags to those we felt were in need, but in general God had not opened this door- until now.

I received a phone call from Nancy, one of the directors of Israel Food Outreach. She, and her husband Don, facilitate delivery of items donated for the elderly and poor. The main item they deliver is Kosher dried soup. Each 300 lb barrel contains 60/5 lb bags of dry soup mix, shipped from the US in large containers. This organization is feeding people all over Israel. One of their desires has been to assist the Holocaust Survivors and WWII Refugees.

Nancy described what they do and asked if I would like some soup to distribute to the Survivors and Refugees we assist. I immediately said, “Yes, we would love to have some!”

After the containers arrived in port a few weeks later, we received three barrels. One quart of mix makes 40 bowls of soup. Since the Survivors we visit do not need large quantities, we decided to divide them up into quart size bags of 1.25lb of soup mix per bag. To do this we needed the bags, Ziploc brand preferably, which would be best. Since they are not available in Israel, how do we get them here?

The following week a small group of volunteers was scheduled to arrive. We contacted them and they brought several hundred bags.

The week after their stay, another group of volunteers from Germany was here, the workmen and women through the Saxon Friends of Israel. Between both groups and Volunteers bagging soup (Small)volunteers already here, there were plenty of hands to fill the bags.

The soup is a definite answer to prayer.   We have recently been given a list of 343 WWII Refugees. They are in financial need and appreciate any help we can give. We will deliver not just soup, but create a gift for each one of soup, crackers, and a small chocolate bar and maybe a soup bowl to hold it all! It is difficult normally to get so many of the same gift for such a large group of people. But God has made a way! Baruch HaShem!

Grateful to our Gracious God!


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