Shalom from Israel!

Yesterday I flew into Israel.  My current return will not be long- approximately three weeks.  My purpose?

  • Training new volunteers and planning for the future
  • taking part in creating videos for AHI
  • checking with Dan recording the Survivors’ personal war accounts
  • meeting with leaders among the Russians in Israel
  • coordinating with Shalom TV on our Survivors’ interviews
  • meeting and planning with AHI Board and leaders
  • evaluating Beit Shalom for future changes and needs
  • meeting with the owners of our home about possible purchase
  • seeing good friends and spending time with the special ones
  • Dinner with Abraham, our 90+ year old Russian/English translator and friend!

We have some very wonderful folks at Beit Shalom right now- Del and Jean managing, Brecht (well loved by the Survivors and us!), Dan filming Survivors, his brother Chris incredible renovations, Ayana continuing her translation and Scarlett training in every area of AHI.  Add two guests, myself and The Resident Cat, Tiger- we have a full house and a phenomenal group of people bringing their talents and God’s love!

Tomorrow is Yom haShoah.  On this Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel we will be with the Survivors, hugging them and handing out single red roses to let them know how much we love them and promise to remember them.

At 11am  a siren will sound throughout the the entire country for one minute.  Everything stops in honor of the Survivors and remembrance of those lost.  Machinery shuts down, motorists stop their cars and stand in silence.  On the sidewalks and in the shops, wherever anyone is, all activity ceases for that minute of honor.

This is one minute of remembrance for a lifetime of loss.   May we all take this to heart.  Remember those from the Holocaust.  Keep their memory alive so we do not have a repeat of the horrors of the Shoah.

Standing for the Survivors on Yom haShoah; the rest of the year I will not be silent.  I ask you to join us in voicing the history of the Holocaust Survivors to preserve our future.


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